iTaste EP E-Cigarettes showing all the available colours
  • The image shows iteaste ep in open box its colour is purple

iTaste EP E-Cigarette

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iTaste EP E-Cigarette

iTaste EP is a remarkable e-cigarette at a remarkable price of only £19.99 for this complete starter kit.

This e-cigarette has over-charge protection and and battery level indicator. It comes complete with USB charging cable and full, comprehensive instruction book (may I just say that the instruction book for the iTaste EP e-cigarette is the best I have seen.: easy to follow, full of ALL the information you could ever require)

The rectangular battery is unusual and so is the price: only £19.99. It is available in four different colours, which are, White, Black, Red, Blue. LIMITED QUANTITIES

Don't forget to get the best out of your iTaste e-cigarette you have to put the best into it; we recommend: Debang e-liquid