2 G-Hit-B 2.4 ml Atomiser one with top on and one with top off

Seego G-Hit-B 2.4 ml Atomiser

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Seego G-Hit-B 2.4 ml Atomiser

The G-Hit-B 2.4 ml Atomiser is a large capacity atomiser (2.4 ml) which is beautifully made by Seego with a screw on metal cap to keep the mouthpiece clean and protected. This model has a wick assembly.

The unique design looks like the CE4 and the ego w at the same time. Seego G-hit uses the best raw materials and craft for the whole product and is available in stainless with a smoked glass chamber and a black metal screw on cover.

Brand Name:Seego

Model Number:G-hit type B

Model Series:Seego G-hit series

Special Function:For normal liquid


Working Voltage:3.7--4.2V