this shows 3 bottles and boxes of Jabberwocky E-juice from Poison Brew

Jabberwocky E-juice from Poison Brew

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Jabberwocky E-juice from Poison Brew

Jabberwocky E-juice from Poison Brew is a balance mix between peach, a pinch of orange zest and the blood, harvest from the vile pet of the red queen from wonderland. A simpley delectable combination of sweetness and citrus. Weird but in a good way !. 

Jabberwocky E-juice from Poison Brew: These fantastic tasting Malaysian e-juices just keep on coming. This is packaged in an outer box and a 30 ml glass bottle with dripper lid. It is an 80-20 (VG/PG) mix with 3 mg (0.3%) of nicotine. 

Jabberwocky E-juice from Poison Brew: Please note that the image shows 3 boxes of this liquid, if you order only one then you will receive only one. This product is for sale to persons aged 18 years and over. By purchasing this you agree that you are of a legal age to do so.