Slimline E-Cigarette
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  • Slimline E-Cigarette

Slimline E-Cigarette

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Slimline E-Cigarette is a totally new design of e-cigarette.

It is slim and sophisticated. It is totally diferent to any of the other e-cigarettes we sell.

It comes in a smart presentation box complete with USB charging cable and is available in 4 striking colours: Electric Blue, Stainless Steel, Rose Red and Pitch Black.

When in use there is a blue light emitted from the base of the battery, enhanced by a multi-faceted reflective surround in the base,  as well as around the button (please note that all our stock, at this time, has a Stainless Steel Button, not the Gold Button as in the photos).

It really is the best looking e-cigarette I have ever seen and as you know I am a huge fan of the debang Stix, but this is just fantastic. Try one and you will not be disappointed.