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Zingberry 500 ML E-Liquid by Kingston

Zingberry 500 ML E-Liquid by Kingston: Zingberry is Kingston’s own secret recipe of mixed fruits with a cool menthol blast. Kingston Zingberry is one of the most popular flavours amongst vapers across the country. Ideal as an all-day vape. Kingston E-Liquids will no longer be using the words Heisen, Heisenberg or Heisenberry in there flavour descriptions due to a trademark infringement. Their great flavours are now called Zingberry.

Zingberry 500 ML E-Liquid by Kingston is a massive economical bottle containing 500 ML of 70-30 (VG/PG) E-Liquid. Kingston chose 15 of their best flavours to introduce a more cost effective way of buying. This e-liquid can be used on its own for the taste and/or habit but if you still need a nicotine hit add the optional 18 MG nicotine 10ML shots; if you add 5 it will give you a nicotine content of approximately 0.15% and 10 for 0.3%. You can, if you wish add the Nicotine Salt which as well as reducing any throat burn it actually enhance the the nicotine which is 20 MG.

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