a bottle of Vanilla E-Liquid by Zompire
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Vanilla Milkshake E-Liquid by Zompire

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Vanilla Milkshake E-Liquid by Zompire

Vanilla Milkshake E-Liquid by Zompire : A super creamy and smooth Vanilla Milkshake flavoured E-Liquid. The Vanilla provides a sweetness to the magical blend and all in all you will be seeing your glass as half full not half empty. 

Vanilla Milkshake E-Liquid by Zompire is a 'Zero Nicotine' e-juice.  You can enjoy it purely for its taste or you can add half a bottle of the optional 10 ML nicotine shot which will give you a nicotine content of approximately 3 mg (0.3%) or add one optional 10 ML Nicotine Shot which will give it a nicotine content of approximately 6 mg (0.6%). Please note that the 'Nicotine Shot' illustrated may be substituted with one of the same strength and quality. The description of the flavour of this e-liquid is intended as a guide only, as it is a personal and subjective interpretation of the flavour.

Vanilla Milkshake E-Liquid by Zompire is available for sale ONLY to persons of 18 years of age or older.If purchased with the optional 'Nic Shot' this product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance