Vamp Toes 30 ML (3 x 10ML)E-Liquid 50-50 (VG/PG)

Vamp Toes 3 x 10ML E-Liquid by scripture

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Vamp Toes 30 ML (3 x 10ML)E-Liquid 50-50 (VG/PG)

Vamp Toes 30 ML (3 x 10ML) E-Liquid 50-50 (VG/PG) It has changed to 3 x 10ML because of the new regulations. They took the opportunity to change the name also in order to save any future legal problems re Trademarks. It is still your favourite, lovely dark fruit flavoured soft drink which brings your mouth alive, just so good.

Vamp Toes 30 ML E-Liquid has a well balanced formulation of 50-50 (VG/PG) which allows it to be used in almost every type of e-cigarette and every Dripper/Mod. This Vamp Toes from Scripture is just one of a vast range of delicious flavours available in a choice of three nicotine strengths which can be vaped in any device. You can choose 3 mg (0.3%) nicotine, 6 mg (0.6%) nicotine or 12 mg (1.2%) nicotine. A superb range proudly manufactured in the UK.

Vamp Toes 30 ML  (3 x 10ML) E-Liquid can only be purchased by persons aged 18 years or over. By purchasing this product you confirm that you are of a legal age to do so.

This product contains Nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.