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Ultimate Juice Watermelon Breeze 100 ML E-Liquid

Refresh Your Vaping Routine with Ultimate Juice Watermelon Breeze 100ml E-liquid. Treat yourself to the perfect blend of juicy watermelon and cooling menthol, and let every puff transport you to a state of pure refreshment. Each inhale delivers a burst of succulent watermelon flavour, while the exhale adds a revitalising breeze that leaves your palate feeling invigorated and refreshed.

Ultimate Juice Watermelon Breeze 100 ML E-Liquid is a 70-30 (VG/PG) mix and is nicotine free, so if you just want to enjoy it for the taste, which is immense, then you can, but if you need to add nicotine then there’s two options an four different quantities you can choose from, depending on your wants and needs. There are up to 4 bottles of of 70-30 nicotine shots or, if you need something more edgy and stronger then choose the nicotine salt which, again, is available with up to 4 bottles.

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