Spearmint Nicotine Salt E-Liquid from Amazonia

Spearmint Nicotine Salt E-Liquid from Amazonia

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Spearmint Nicotine Salt E-Liquid from Amazonia

Spearmint Nicotine Salt E-Liquid from Amazonia: A beautiful soft Minty flavour that has a fresh aroma.  

Spearmint Nicotine Salt E-Liquid from Amazonia has 20 MG of nicotine which, because it is based on nicotine salt it vapourises at a lower temperature and is absorbed more quickly and easily giving you the sensation much the same as smoking a conventional cigarette. There is no harsh throat hit either as it has a lower pH than normal e-liquids so you feel you're getting a larger dose of nicotine that you actually are. Perfect for the heavy smoker who has tried conventional liquids but returned to cigarettes.

Spearmint Nicotine Salt E-Liquid from Amazonia:  The comments with reference to the flavour and effects are a personal interpretation only: It is for sale to persons aged 18 years or older. This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.