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Spearmint 3 x 10 ML E-Liquid by Scripture

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Spearmint 3 x 10 ML E-Liquid 50-50 (VG/PG)

Spearmint 3 x 10 ML ML E-Liquid 50-50 (VG/PG): Most manufactures have mint or double mint but so few produce a Spearmint and it is quite a distinctive flavour which is quite different from 'mint'. This puts me in mind of those white, individually wrapped spearmint chews, a great taste and not the 'run of the mill'.

Spearmint 30 ML E-Liquid has a well balanced formulation of 50-50 (VG/PG) which allows it to be used in almost every type of e-cigarette and every Dripper/Mod. This Spearmint from Scripture is just one of a vast range of delicious flavours available in a choice of three nicotine strengths which can be vaped in any device. You can choose 3 mg (0.3%) nicotine, 6 mg (0.6%) nicotine or 12 mg ( 1.2%). A superb range proudly manufactured in the UK.

Spearmint 30 ML  (3 x 10 ML) E-Liquid can only be purchased by persons aged 18 years or over. The opinion of the e-liquid (above) is a personal and subjective assessment and is intended as a guide only. By purchasing this product you confirm that you are of a legal age to do so.

This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.