a box of Silver Blend High Nicotine E-Liquid by Nasty Juice

Silver Blend Salts by Nasty Juice (Vanilla Tobacco)

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Silver Blend Salts by Nasty Juice (Vanilla Tobacco)

Silver Blend Salts by Nasty Juice is another flavour that gets two thumbs up. Vanilla and Tobacco has never tasted so good. 

Silver Blend Salts by Nasty Juice has a formula which makes it the e-liquid with the highest legal content throughout the whole of the E.U. and, because of the salt formulation it has the  equivalent to 20mg Nicotine. Even by adding nicotine to a Zero nicotine e-liquid you cannot get near the nicotine hit of this e-liquid. It is in a 10 ml bottle. Please just buy one initially to make sure it suits you as returns cannot be accepted.

Silver Blend Salts by Nasty Juice:  The comments with reference to the flavour are a personal interpretation and the claims and figures regarding the nicotine are correct at time of publishing: This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.