A bottle of Puppie Slush 80 ML E-Juice: Grape
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Puppie Slush 80 ML E-Juice Grape

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Puppie Slush 80 ML E-Juice: Grape

Puppie Slush 80 ML E-Juice: Grape. If your a big kid at heart this range is for you, who doesn't love a Puppie Slush?. This may be the most unusual Slush flavour but don't be afraid it won't bite. Full of juicy bold Grape flavours topped off with a cooling sensation you definitely won't be able to put this puppy down.  

Puppie Slush 80 ML E-Juice: Grape Is an extremely high quality 80-20 (VG/PG) E-Juice. It is an 80 ML serving in an oversized bottle (to allow the mixing with Nicotine Booster Shots if required. Mixed with 1 x 10 ML flavourless Nicotine 18mg (1.8%) the whole mixture will have a nicotine content of approximately 1.5mg (0.15%) and if two are added then the mixture has, approximately, a nicotine content of 3mg (0.3%).

Puppie Slush 80 ML E-Juice: Grape can only be purchased by persons aged 18 years or older. If the Nicotine Shot is added this product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.