PHD 100 ML E-Liquid by Professor Vape
  • 10 ML Nicotine Shots

PHD 100 ML E-Liquid by Professor Vape

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PHD 100 ML E-Liquid by Professor Vape

PHD 100 ML E-Liquid by Professor Vape: You don't need to be a clever clogs to work out if you are going to Love this Strawberry and Watermelon fusion. 

PHD 100 ML E-Liquid by Professor Vape is a 70-30 (VG/PG) mix and you can add the optional nicotine shots which then change the nicotine content to the following (which are approximations): 1 Shot = 1.5 MG (0.15%); 2 Shots = 3 MG (0.3%); 3 Shots = 4.5 MG (0.45%) and 4 Shots = 6 MG (0.6%).

Please note that the 'Nicotine Shot' illustrated may be substituted with one of the same strength and quality. The description of the flavour of this e-liquid is intended as a guide only, as it is a personal and subjective interpretation of the flavour. You must be of a legal age to by this product (18 years plus). If purchased with the optional nicotine shots then this product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.