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Kingston 100 ML Gold Tobacco E-Liquid 

If you are bored with all the flavours available and you just want something that tastes like a real cigarette, then look no further: This is new and it shows just how much flavouring has improved over the years. It is the best tobacco e-liquid I’ve ever vaped.

Kingston 100 ML Gold Tobacco E-Liquid : It does not contain nicotine and is fantastic without the nicotine, however if you are trying to give up smoking then you may need the nicotine which you can control and gradually reduce as time goes by. The bottle is 120 ML with 100 ML of 70-30 (VG/PG) e-liquid in it. You have the choice of either conventional nicotine shots, which come in 10 ML bottles or you can choose nicotine salts which also come in 10 ML bottles. If you were, or are, a heavy smoker then we suggest you use the nicotine salts as the salts enhance the the nicotine and give you a smoother, stronger vape. Two 10 ML bottles give you approximately 3 MG (0.3%) nicotine, and four bottles give you approximately 6 MG (0.6%) of nicotine. If you order 4 or more shots per bottle we supply a calibrated 25 ML mixing bottle free of charge.

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