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IVG Bar Aloe Grape Ice

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IVG Bar Aloe Grape Ice, the only thing I’ve done with aloe vera is cut a leaf and rub it on burns and now they want me to taste it? (the things I do for you). Actually it tastes very invigorating; the grape is the major flavour and the icy touch is magic; so do I recommend it? Yes I do.

IVG Bar Aloe Grape Ice has a fully pre-charged 500 mAh battery, meaning it won’t run out of power before you’ve used all your e-liquid. It contains 20mg of Salt Nicotine, meaning you get a smother, stronger vape than you get with conventional vapes. Fully TPD tested, so you know this is 100% legal to use (if you’re 18 years of age or older). Good for approximately 600 puffs and with lots of other great flavours in the range what better way is there to stop smoking conventional cigarettes without all the problems and trauma of withdrawal symptoms?

IVG Bar Aloe Grape Ice is a wonderful vape and to see all the other great flavours in the range just click HERE