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iBaccy 10ml E-liquid Raspberry Mint

iBaccy 10ml E-liquid Raspberry Mint harmoniously blends the luscious tartness of raspberries with the cooling essence of mint. Inhaling the vapor offers a delightful medley of sweet and refreshing flavours, reminiscent of ripe raspberries with a hint of invigorating mint, providing a satisfying and revitalizing vaping experience.

iBaccy Raspberry Mint E-Liquid is part of an exhilarating collection of flavours. It offers versatility with a choice of four nicotine strengths: 3 mg (0.3%), 6 mg (0.6%), 12 mg (1.2%), and 18 mg (1.8%). This premium e-liquid is conveniently packaged in a 10ml bottle featuring a built-in needle filler, all elegantly encased within a dedicated cardboard box. Compatible with all electronic smoking devices, it boasts a widely favoured 50-50 (VG/PG) blend. Whatever strength you choose you can order just one or one hundred and they are still only £1.89 each.

This product is for sale to persons aged 18 years or older: by purchasing you confirm that you are of a legal age to buy this.

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