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HS VapourMX Premium E-Liquid: Skitle

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HS VapourMX Premium E-Liquid: Skitle

HS VapourMX Premium E-Liquid: Skitle. No, you are not mistaken, it is spelt incorrectly, once again we are the victims of trademark issues but, putting that issue to one side, the taste is brilliant. The mixture of the sweetness with the sharpness is there in abundance and it is something you always want more of.

HS VapourMX Premium E-Liquid: Skitle is available in 10 ml tamperproof bottles, an outer box and an instruction leaflet. It comes in 4 nicotine strengths, which are: Extra Low (6 mg), Low (12 mg), Medium (18 mg) and High (24 mg).

HS VapourMX Premium E-Liquid: Skitle is not suitable for anyone under 18 years of age, nor is it suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women of any age. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Always keep in a cool and dry place.

DANGER: contains nicotine: very toxic if swallowed or in contact with eyes or skin. If swallowed call a doctor immediately. If you have any medical condition please consult your GP before using HS VapourMX Premium E-Liquid: Skitle. Please remember that nicotine is addictive and habit forming. 

HS VapourMX Premium E-Liquid: Skitle contains the following ingredients in the quantities stated: 1. Tobacco Absolute, Virginia <2.0 2. Tobacco Absolute, Burley <2.0 3. Oriental Tobacco Absolute <2.0 4. Labdanum Extract <1.0 5. Tolu Balsam <0.4 6. Orange Oil <1.0 7. Nutmeg Oil <0.5 8. Ginger Oil <1.0 9. 2,3,5 trimethylpyrazine <0.5 10. 2-acetylpyrazine <0.5 11. Methyl Cyclopenolone <1.0 12. Ethyl Maltol <1.0 13. Vanillin < 1.0 14. Menthol (and or other flavouring) <1.0 15. Nicotine <3.6 16. Vegetable Glycerine <25.0 17. Propylene Glycol >55.0

Caution: May contain traces of nuts.

GMP MSDS ISO 9001:2008