the box of Blue Raspberry E-Juice by Fruity Drops

Fruity Drops E-Juice Blue Raspberry

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Blue Raspberry E-Juice by Fruity Drops (OUT OF STOCK)

Blue Raspberry E-Juice by Fruity Drops describes itself as Blue Raspberry cocktail served over ice with dash of Lime and what fascinates me is the way it combines all the flavours so well but you can pick out the individual tastes as well. It creates great cloud too; marvelous.

Blue Raspberry E-Juice by Fruity Drops, in common with all of the other flavours in the range, is served up in 3 x 10 ML plastic bottles enclosed in a distinctive, matchbox style cardboard box. It is as American as 4th of July and is available with 3 MG (0.3%) of nicotine and is a 70-30 (VG/PG) mixture.

Blue Raspberry E-Juice by Fruity Drops can only be purchased by persons aged 18 years or older: by purchasing this you confirm that you are of a legal age to do so. This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.