the three colours available in the DB Signature range of e-cigarettes
  • Image shows the three db signature e-cigarettes assembled and ready to use
  • close up of the three colours of db signature batteries
  • DB Signature e-cigarettes in their boxes
  • black lanyard with DB Signature repeatedly printed on it with USB charging cable and retaining ring
  • side view of the db signature e-cigarette in its case
  • db signature e-cigaratte in case on yellow background

DB Signature iTaste CLK E-Cigarette

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DB Signature iTaste CLK E-Cigarette

The best e-cigarette ever made? This is a bold claim but when Debang team up with Innokin (the leading e-cigarette maker) famous for its iTaste brand you can expect something special.

Debang are launching a a new range called 'DB Signature' and these e-cigarettes are the first products in the range to be launched.

What makes these e-cigarettes so special? Let me tell you: The battery is an an 800 mAh which comes in a heavily embossed blue. This is no ordinary battery: it is variable voltage, controlled by the rotational wheel at the base of the battery. The voltage can be adjustededin the following increments: 3.5 v, 3.8 v, 4.0 v, 4.3 v, 4.5 v, 4.8 v and 5.0 v. The battery level indicator is displayed via green, yellow and red LED lights. Green means the battery is fully charged. Yellow indicates is half charged and red means low power and it will need charging. The battery has an on/off switch and it has short circuit and atomizer protection and over discharge protection and it comes complete with a high compatability 510 connector, a micro USB charging socket, not the usual e-cigarette type charger. Oh yes, and it looks fantastic too!!

It has the iClear 16D dual Coil Clearomizer which has a 2 ml capacity and can cope with the powerful battery. it also comes witha complete instruction book (in readable English), a DB Signarure Lanyard and Lanyard Ring and a Beauty Ring (I still don't know what that is for!)

All in all a fantastic e-cigarette from the DB Signature range made by Innokin.