a bottle of Cherry 50 ML E-Liquid by Aulola
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Cherry 50 ML E-Liquid by Aulola

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Cherry 50 ML E-Liquid by Aulola (Special Introductory Price)

Cherry 50 ML E-Liquid by Aulola is fast becoming one of the most popular flavours. Bursting with sweet, fruity Cherry tones that will blow your mind with delight. If you love Cherries you will certainly fall in love with this. 

Cherry 50 ML E-Liquid by Aulola is a 'Zero Nicotine' e-juice. It is a 80-20 (VG/PG) mix. You can enjoy it purely for its taste or you can add one optional Nicotine Shots which will give it a nicotine content of approximately 3 mg (0.3%) or two shots will give you a heady 6 mg (0.6%) of nicotine 'approximately'. Please note that the 'Nicotine Shot' illustrated may be substituted with one of the same strength and quality. The description of the flavour of this e-liquid is intended as a guide only, as it is a personal and subjective interpretation of the flavour.

Cherry 50 ML E-Liquid by Aulola is available for sale ONLY to persons of 18 years of age or older.If purchased with the optional 'Nic Shot' this product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance