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Cappuccino E-Liquid by iFresh

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Cappuccino E-Liquid by iFresh (RETIRED PRODUCT)

Cappuccino E-Liquid by iFresh is clearly a well thought out product. It has to appeal to coffee drinkers who take sugar (not me) and who abstain from sugar (me). It manages to do this perfectly and the frothy coffee taste is there in abundance. Yet another superb e-liquid from iFresh.

This Cappuccino E-Liquid by iFresh is available in four nicotine strengths, which are: Zero 0 mg, Ultra Low 6 mg, Low 11 mg, and Medium 18 mg. As well as being great e-liquids they are priced very competitively too. Made by the same manufacturer as several of the leading brands it should shake the market because of its high quality combined with ultra competitive prices.

This product contains Nicotine which is a highly addictive substance