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Black Ice E-Liquid by iFresh

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Black Ice E-Liquid by iFresh

Black Ice E-Liquid by iFresh is another 'shot across the bows' of all the other manufactures and distributors of e-liquids. If iFresh can make and sell such a great e-liquid for this price; how much money are the others making? This is a sensational, premium but value-for-money e-liquid. Don't ignore it because it's cheap, it is very, very good.

This Black Ice E-Liquid by iFresh is available in four nicotine strengths, which are: Zero 0 mg, Ultra Low 6 mg, Low 11 mg, and Medium 18 mg. As well as being great e-liquids they are priced very competitively too. Made by the same manufacturer as several of the leading brands it should shake the market because of its high quality combined with ultra competitive prices.

This product contains Nicotine which is a highly addictive substance