HS Vapour MX 1100 mAh batteries for e-cigarette in Silver, Black, White and  Blue

HS Vapour MX 1100 mAh Battery

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HS Vapour MX  1100 mAh Battery for e-cigarette (SOLD OUT)

This is a battery for your e-cigarette which will fit the following atomisers: CE4, CE5, CE6, Debang Dual Coil (1.5 and 2.1), iBreathe Atomisers, H2 (1.6 and 2.4), T2, MT3 and Atomiser for Herbs.

This battery is a single voltage battery (not variable voltage or triple voltage) and is compatable with all our atomisers with the exception of the HS Vapour MX Type Atomiser

This battery is recommended for heavy users. If you are a moderate user we recommend the 900mAh battery which you can find here: 900mAh Battery for e-cigarettes

Available in Silver, Black, Blue and Red

It uses the same charger as your normal e-cigarette but if you need a new one get it here, and so cheap!:  Charger

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