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Bad Blood Salts by Nasty Juice (Blackcurrant)

Bad Blood Salts by Nasty Juice is a vibrant blend of Sweet and tart Blackcurrant flavour that delivers an uplifting experience time and time again.

Bad Blood Salts by Nasty Juice has a formula which makes it the e-liquid with the highest legal content throughout the whole of the E.U. and, because of the salt formulation it has the  equivalent to 20mg Nicotine. Even by adding nicotine to a Zero nicotine e-liquid you cannot get near the nicotine hit of this e-liquid. It is in a 10 ml bottle. Please just buy one initially to make sure it suits you as returns cannot be accepted.

Bad Blood Salts by Nasty Juice:  The comments with reference to the flavour are a personal interpretation and the claims and figures regarding the nicotine are correct at time of publishing: This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.