picture shows 12 vapour MX e-cigarettes in the following colours: Red, White, Blue, Black, Silver, Gold, Rainbow, Green, Purple, Light Blue, Burnt Orange and Pink
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Vapour MX E-Cigarette

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Vapour MX GT E-Cigarette


This is a beast of an e-cigarette: it has a large capacity tank and has a Variable Voltage battery. This is the genuine VapourMX GT, beware of cheap imitations

It comes in several different colours with a 2 ML Atomiser fitted.

Click the button 3 times to change the power voltage: a light around the neck of the battery indicates the voltage: a green light is low voltage and a small amount of vapor production: a blue light is medium voltage and a moderate amount of vapour and finally the red light indicates high power output and an enormous amount of vapour.

The battery can not be overcharged as there is a microchip which prevents that.

It comes complete with a USB charging cable, you can charge it from your laptop or purchase one of our mains chargers (sold separately). It also has a User manual.

It is a big cigarette packed with more technology and features than any other I have seen.

Please Note: The Pink, Purple and the Rainbow/Rainbow are made by the same manufacturer but are labeled 'Inspired'.