debang e-cigarettes in five colours, black, stainless, white, bliue and pink

De-Bang Stix Electronic Cigarette vGo-T with Leather Zip Case

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De-Bang Stix Electronic Cigarette vGo-T (SOLD OUT)

The De-Bang Stix is truely the Rolls Royce of Electronic Cigarette and is available in five superb colours: White, Blue, Black, Stainless Steel, and Pink

It comes complete with a Debang e-cigarette leather case, in a choice of colours: black, blue, white, purple, red or pink and a choice of genuine Debang atomiser colours in clear, black, blue, green, purple, red or yellow. You also get the genuine Debang USB charging cable, and all at an amazing price.

It has an LED light in the base of the battery and in the button. It gives you a true indication as to when your battery needs charging. Your battery will last for about 900 puffs between charges, but who is counting? So when the base flashes Green you know you are OK, when it flashes Orange you know you have about 200 puffs left in the battery and when the base flahes red you know there are less than 100 puffs left, so get it charged!!!

NO secondhand smoke

NO tar or carbon monoxide

NO bad breathe or odour

NO flame or ash

NO tobacco

NO restrictions

It has a battery which, when fully charged will last for more than 800 puffs.,

10 seconds of continuous use causes the button to cut off. After a few seconds the e-cigarette can be used again normally. If the light on your button flashes ten to fifteen times while pressed, this means the battery needs charging.

When plugging in the battery to charge you ecigarette, the charger will flash three times and the charger's indicator light will turn red. When the indicator light turns green charging is complete.

You will also need some e-liquid: the best premium e-liquids are here: E-Liquid

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