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Cool Watermelon E-Liquid by DB-Signature

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Cool Watermelon E-Liquid by DB-Signature (Limited Quantity Available)

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DB-Signature's new E-liquids are just so good and this one, Cool Watermelon, is right up there with the rest of the range in taste, quality and presentation. Another one which hits the spot: just fantastic

The DB-Signature range of E-Liquids is made by Debang and this is their Premier Range. There are 15 fantastic flavours, including Cool Watermelon, which are all exclusive to DB-Signature. They are available in 10 ml bottles and come in four nicotine strengths, which are: Zero 0 mg, Extra Low 6 mg, Low 11 mg and Medium 16 mg. This is not 'just another' range of E-Liquids, this is so good that I advise you to try just one and you will taste the difference because this takes vaping to a whole new level.