picture shows the five pack of Caf D' Luv e-liquid by DB-Signature and a single box and bottle

Caf D' Luv E-Liquid by DB-Signature

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Caf D' Luv E-Liquid by DB-Signature (Very Limited Quantity)

ONLY 2 x Zero mg left in stock

DB-Signature's new E-liquids are just so good and this one, Caf D' Luv, is right up there with the rest of the range in taste, quality and presentation. Just a sensational coffee taste, wonderful.

The DB-Signature range of E-Liquids is made by Debang and this is their Premier Range. There are 15 fantastic flavours, including Caf D' Luv, which are all exclusive to DB-Signature. They are available in 10 ml bottles and come in four nicotine strengths, which are: Zero 0 mg, Extra Low 6 mg, Low 11 mg and Medium 16 mg. This is not 'just another' range of E-Liquids, this is so good that I advise you to try just one and you will taste the difference because this takes vaping to a whole new level.