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50 ML Black Jack E-Liquid by iFresh/Sinbury has a great, well balanced mixture of licorice and aniseed flavour. I find it it almost addictive, never mind the nicotine, just give me that taste.

50 ML Black Jack E-Liquid by iFresh come in a 60 ML bottle with 50 ML of nicotine-free e-liquid. You can, if desired, add the optional nicotine shot(s). If you add one shot it would make it the equivalent of 3 mg (0.3%) nicotine and if you add two shots then it would make it approximately 6 mg (0.6%) nicotine. You can vary the amount to suit your personal preferences and by gradually reducing the amount you can, with willpower, eventually manage without nicotine altogether. This can be used in most electronic smoking devices  it is a 70-30 (PG/VG) mixture.