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Yolo The Vaping Mint

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Yolo The Vaping Mint

Yolo The Vaping Mint is the best mint flavoured e-juice I have ever tasted and, trust me, I have tasted many. It is just sensational. If you like mint you will love this.

Yolo The Vaping Mint is 60 ML of 80-20 (VG/PG) e-juice with Zero Nicotine. It can be enjoyed as it is or you can add the optional 'Nicotine Shot' which, if added, makes the nicotine content approximately 2.7 mg (0.27%) or two shots which make the nicotine content approximately 5 mg (0.5%).

Yolo The Vaping Mint is for sale to persons aged 18 years or older. The nicotine shot may vary from the one illustrated but will be of an equivalent strength and quality. If the nicotine shot is used then this product contains nicotine which is an addictive substance.