showing the four colours of the Vapro E-Cigarette
  • showing the Vapro E-cigarette USB lead in its closed position
  • Vapro E-cigarette USB lead extended and plugged in to e-cigarette
  • This shows the Black Vapro E-Cigarette in its insert
  • This shows the Blue Vapro E-Cigarette in its insert
  • This shows the Pink Vapro E-Cigarette in its insert
  • This shows the Stainless Steel Vapro E-Cigarette in its insert
  • Showing the Vapro E-Cigarettes in their cases.

Vapro E-Cigarette

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Vapro E-Cigarette

We have all done it: gone to use our e-cigarette and the battery is flat!!! Well now we have this very clever Vapro e-cigarette which has bottom charge so you can still use it while it is charging. You simply unscrew the base plate from the battery of your Vapro e-cigarette and plug in the expandable charging lead: fantastic.

The Vapro E-Cigarette is a smart stylish e-cigarette packed with useful features. It comes complete with the unique Innokin Dual Coil iClear 16S Clearomizer, which is superb piece of e-cigarette engineering.

It has a low battery warning system, so you should never get caught out (but if you do, it doesn't matter) and it is available in four different colours, which are: Black, Blue, Pink and Stainless Steel.