Red Astaire  with a bottle of  by Venom Vapes

Red Astaire by Venom Vapes

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Red Astaire by Venom Vapes

Red Astaire by Venom Vapes:  Parma Violets were never my favourite sweets: I couldn't understand the attraction at all; little purple tablet-like things in a tin : what was that all about? Anyway back to the e-juice; not my personal choice I am afraid, not because it is bad, because it isn't, just because I think of all the times my friends spent their pocket money on those little purple things instead of pear drops or black jacks or any other decent sweets but if you were one of those who frittered away your pocket money so wastefully, then you will just love this.

Red Astaire by Venom Vapes is an 80-20 (VG/PG) mix served up in long, strong yet mailable plastic bottle. So easy to fill your tank with just a squeeze of the bottle (why don't they all do that?}. Great e-juice, well packaged and available with the following nicotine strengths: Zero mg (0%), 3 mg (0.3%) and 6 mg (0.6%). A great rang with fantastic flavours.

Red Astaire by Venom Vapes can only be sold to, and used by, persons over the age 18 years.