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Leaf Tobacco E-Liquid by Smoknic

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Leaf Tobacco E-Liquid by Smoknic

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A premium Liquid at a very low price: Leaf Tobacco or L-Tobacco is a great tribute to Lambert and Butler, the name changed for legal reasons but the taste remains, excellent. Leaf Tobacco E-Liquid by Smoknic is not a cheap liquid; it really is a premium liquid but our buying power enabled us to secure a huge discount and it is passed on to you. Made by the same company as make iBreathe and with exactly the same quality and care. Please try it; you will love it.

Leaf Tobacco E-Liquid by Smoknic is available in a 10ml bottle and comes in a choice of four nicotine strengths; Extra low (6 mg), Low (11 mg), Medium (18 mg) and High (24 mg). Enjoy the best value premium e-liquid available anywhere.