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JD & Coke ELiquid by iVapore

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JD & Coke ELiquid by iVapore

JD & Coke ELiquid by iVapore is a game changer. The big danger, in my opinion, is that people who have never smoked will want this as much as us smokers. It is unbelievably good and guess what it tastes like? Yes, JD & Coke. It gets ten out of ten from me. 

JD & Coke comes well packaged in 10 ml bottles within individual boxes and in 4 nicotine levels: Zero (0 mg), Low (8 mg), Mild (12 mg) and Medium (16 mg) there is a full set of instructions and advice in every box of JD & Coke e-liquid in addition to the sealed and childproof caps..

Talking about strange things: it amazes me how many people use a cheap starter e-cigarette and then say that they want to go back to smoking normal cigarettes. Get the best you can buy to give yourself a real chance of quitting smoking cigarettes for good. The HS VapourMX is the perfect choice for using your JD & Coke E-Liquid and for what you get it is very cheap. You can find it here.