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Harry Potter E-Liquid by i-Vapore

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Harry Potter E-Liquid by i-Vapore

Harry Potter E-Liquid by i-Vapore is a curious e-liquid. It is a dark mix of fruit and tobacco which while being strange is also very pleasant; you could almost say 'magical'. I can honestly say the taste is quite unique and I just can't compare it to anything else we have or that I have tasted. In summary; strange but good.

Harry Potter comes well packaged in 10 ml bottles within individual boxes and in 3 nicotine levels: Low (8 mg), Mild (12 mg) and Medium (16 mg) there is a full set of instructions and advice in every box of harry potter e-liquid.

Talking about strange things: it amazes me how many people use a cheap starter e-cigarette and then say that they want to go back to smoking normal cigarettes. Get the best you can buy to give yourself a real chance of quitting smoking cigarettes for good. The HS VapourMX is the perfect choice for using your Harry Potter E-Liquid and for what you get it is very cheap. You can find it here.