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Aftershock by Venom Vapes

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Aftershock by Venom Vapes

Aftershock by Venom Vapes: Back in the mist of time I remember siphoning petrol from a car and getting a mouth full of petrol: it is a taste you never forget. The nearest I came to that taste was when I had a drink of Absinthe, so you can imagine what I was feeling when I was told that Aftershock was a mixture of Lemon, Lime and Absinthe. I tried it, thinking the worst but, to my surprise, it was wonderful. The lemon and lime is the overriding taste: sharp and citrus but hovering there is the taste of Absinthe, tamed. Not quite menthol, not quite aniseed, but surprisingly, to me, very, very good.

Aftershock by Venom Vapes is an 80-20 (VG/PG) mix served up in long, strong yet mailable plastic bottle. So easy to fill your tank with just a squeeze of the bottle (why don't they all do that?}. Great e-juice, well packaged and available with the following nicotine strengths: Zero mg (0%), 3 mg (0.3%) and 6 mg (0.6%). A great rang with fantastic flavours.

Aftershock by Venom Vapes can only be sold to, and used by, persons over the age 18 years.