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Fruit Cocktail E-Liquid by Smoknic

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Fruit Cocktail E-Liquid by Smoknic

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A premium Liquid at a very low price: Fruit Cocktail E-Liquid by Smoknic is not a cheap liquid; it really is a premium liquid but our buying power enabled us to secure a huge discount and it is passed on to you. Made by the same company as make iBreathe and with exactly the same quality and care. Please try it; you will love it. Of all the people who tasted this one only a few came up with the same answer as what it tastes like. All said it was fruit but the answers varied widely, from banana to to passion fruit and many others. I guess it is down to the individual's taste buds but to me it reminds me of, well, fruit cocktail, but I knew the answer so that may have influenced me?

Fruit Cocktail E-Liquid by Smoknic is available in a 10ml bottle and comes in a choice of four nicotine strengths; Extra low (6 mg), Low (11 mg), Medium (18 mg) and High (24 mg). Enjoy the best value premium e-liquid available anywhere.