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Druids Herb Zombie Juice 30 ml

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Druids Herb Zombie Juice 30 ml

Druids Herb Zombie Juice: This is hard one to describe; you definitely get the honey taste, smooth and rich but the kick you get from the 'herb' element of the juice is the the part that is difficult to pin down. If I use it in the morning it taste a little different to when I used it the night before, sometimes spicy, sometimes tart, always interesting. You will need to make your own mind up on this one.

Druids Herb Zombie Juice is shipped in a 30 ml bottle and it contains 80% VG and only 20% PG. It is made in the UK from pharmaceutical grade products. It can only be used in sub-tanks or similar devices. It cannot be used in normal e-cigarettes as the mixture is too viscous. It is available with nicotine strength: Zero mg only

Druids Herb Zombie Juice is not for sale to persons under 18 years of age.