the box and contents of Poloo 60 ML E-Juice
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Poloo 60 ML E-Juice

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Poloo 60 ML E-Juice is a most interesting addition to the Malaysian Range. I know it is quirky, with its extravagant packaging and its 'free packet of mints' but look beyond these points and you will find a fantastic e-juice, with a superb taste of mint and the coolness which is absolutely amazing. Served as Zero Nicotine but with the option of adding one or two nicotine shots it is a highly recommended e-juice which comfortably gets into my 'all-time' top 10.

Poloo 60 ML E-Juice is a 60 ML serving of a 50-50 (VG/PG) mix  in an oversized bottle to allow you to mix, if required, with one or two Nicotine Booster Shots. If mixed with one 10 ML Nicotine Shot it will have an approximate nicotine content of 2.5 mg (0.25%) and if mixed with two 10 ML nicotine shots it will increase the nicotine level to approximately 5 mg (0.5%). Please remember it is in an oversized bottle and there is at least 60 ML in the bottle. The Nicotine shot may vary from the illustrated one but will be of an equivalent strength and quality.

Poloo 60 ML E-Juice is for sale to adults only and by purchasing this you confirm that you are aged 18 years or older. If purchased with nicotine shots this product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.